From out of the LA club scene on the Hollywood Strip, NEON CROSS has been rocking the world with a message of love and redemption since the early ‘80’s featuring lead guitarist Don Webster, singer David Raymond Reeves, bassist Scot Strickland and drummer Terry Russell.

Dave Reeves "The people who come to see NEON CROSS want to be included in the experience and we want to reach them on a deeper level than simple entertainment so… my goal from the time the first chord is stuck is to draw in the audience and to include them in what we’re experiencing."


  • David Reeves – Vocals / Harmonica

  • Don Webster – Guitar

  • Terry Russell – Drums

  • Scot Strickland – Bass Guitar

Founded in Los Angeles in 1983, NEON CROSS has recorded two CD with Major record companies. NEON CROSS has had three songs in the top ten in 1988 with “Son of God”, “Heartbreaker” and in 1995 with “Bitterness”. NEON CROSS continues to play concerts all over the US.

 What the Press says

Phil Powell  Rizzen Roxx Magazine

"Today Neon Cross is already considered to be one of the best and most original Christian metal bands”

 Rosie Hendrex CA Calendar

"One of the best albums in heavenly metal history. Fast paced chops that can't help but draw you in. Lyrics of their songs are direct and often intense. A mature band both musically and spiritually. Straight ahead, solid, energetic metal

 Bruce A Brown CCM Update

"Not many artist of any genre could disappear for six years and come back so convincingly. A blend of blues-based riffs and top-notch songwriting, led by the impressive range of David Raymond Reeves. Rock this hard never goes out of style"


(C) NEON CROSS Music 2007, Gundo Productions